– You don’t need more – from now on you have always everything with you.

The phone, credit-card, ID or some cash. There is nothing more you need. «use» is a compact and convenient phone case which makes possible to carry everything necessary with you. The slick cover facilitate to call or to use the iPhone very easy.

The trend is set already a couple years: everything hast o be thinner, lighter and even more compact then it ever was before. This applies also fort he iPhone case «use»: thin an light materials are used like a high-quality neat’s leather 0.5mm, nylon-fabrics 0.1mm or a microplast firming-fabric.

The foldable cover is easy to stow in the case itself. That makes it possible to use the phone very easy. To have some cash with you, the little brother oft he case belongs to the product family. It is a small wallet which can be attached to the leather case.

Wallet and phone are indispensable today. But there are so many unused stuff and cards in a wallet-. «use» forces you to have only that, what you actually need – use it!


2015, 2. Semester, HGK/FHNW (CH)
Supervisor: Lutz Gebhardt