«dynamic mobile»


– A rollator, which makes the user not older then he actually is.

Better mobility, more indivituality. With this light-wight wheeled walker, called «cavallo» it makes fun again to walk. This rollator seems to be fresh and cheerful with the sportive and elegant design. Those feelings will also be transferd on the user.

Today, it is importand to ajust every product to the personal users needs. This is possible with features like seat-height-adjustment or the foldable mechanism for a simple transport and for the best mobility.

But there are more needs covered. To carry a bag it is often heavy for poeple with some disabilities. The bag can be placed under the seat. There are two hooks to attache it. To reach the bag, you can tilt up the seat surface. Otherwise the bag is secure under the seat.

«cavallo» is an italian word and means horse. Horse stands for force, elegance and thrust. Since centuries horses and humans lived together. It helped us to get better mobility and it was always a faithful companion. The rollator «cavallo» stands for he same attributes


2015, 2. Semester IID/HGK/FHNW (CH)
Supervisor: Lutz Gebhardt