I’m Pascal Hirt currently studying in my master as a sustainable design engineer at Aalborg University in Copenhagen (DK). In summer 2017 I graduated with my Bachelor degree at the Institute Industrial Design at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel (CH).

My bachelor’s degree project was an interesting collaboration with the «Mobile Health System Laboratory» ETH Zurich (ask to get information about my degree project). After graduating I worked as an intern at wilddesign in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) to get first work experiences in medical design. Subsequently I started as a junior designer at Corpus-C design agency in Fürth (Germany) where I worked for the last year.

Every day we are surrounded with a wealth of different products. Not least it is due of all the products, which we intuitively use every day, work naturally. I would like to add my contribution as well. It is motivating to design functional and high-quality products.

The education gave me the chance to escape from the beautiful but shuttered inner Switzerland. In Basel, next to the border of Germany and French, I feel much more international. I like the opened mind and I’m always willing for news. So, sometimes it pulls me away. For example for an exchange to Sweden.
To the changes in the future I am looking forward on guard and interested.